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Teaching Poetry in the Instagram Era

You’ve likely seen poet Rupi Kaur’s bestseller Milk & Honey on the shelf. What it means for teaching poetry to…
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Can’t Bot Me Love. Or Learning.

Data-loving education reformers, take note. The London Underground pulled this advertisement in which eHarmony claimed its algorithms helped people find…

Do You Care to Explore Authentic Writing Instruction?

I love this blog called Writers Who Care. It’s a fantastic resource for teachers and parents on what solid writing…

Wait, Writing and RACE?

I’ve seen several middle schools using the RACE method to scaffold students’ writing. It has nothing to do with the…
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Essay or Assay: Merriam-Webster “Tries” to Explain the Difference

The essay is by far my favorite genre, to read and to write. A far cry from what it looks…
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Where Books Take Us

An apropos metaphor regarding the relationship between reading and achievement. via @bookishbronte on Instagram   Happy #socksunday everybody how are…
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Semi-colon Drama

Some have a love-hate relationship with semi-colons; mine is all love.

Posthumanism for the Holidays

This is by far one of the more intriguing, timely, and applicable digital research method books I have read in…
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Some of My Favorite Websites for ELA and Literacy Teachers

An early career ELA teacher recently asked me what sites I go to for ELA and literacy resources.  I told…

Observing Teachers, Minute X Minute

I observe a lot of teachers teaching. Over time, I’ve developed a tool that helps me stay focused while being…
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Essay These Essays

For those who share my love of #essays as a #genre, check out Literary Hub’s recent list of the best…

Alexa, Can You Make Me a Better Teacher?

Using technology to improve teaching is nothing new. But the success of artificially intelligent voice-activated devices like the Amazon Echo and…

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Are Private Schools Immoral?

This powerful interview by The Atlantic is well worth a read for anyone concerned about issues of race and public…

Inequities of Internet Access in the US in a GIF

Pew Research shared a fantastic interactive data visualization showing how internet access in the US breaks down by demographics.  I…
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Why Poetry and STEM are Not So Far Apart

Etymology is often my go-to inspiration source for looking at things differently.  Big ups to Merriam-Webster for this etymological gem…

What Companies Do With Kids’ Data

A thoughtful, provocative, and well-informed essay about the commodification of data in education, courtesy of Audrey Watters. It happened to…