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Teach Writing? This Podcast is a Must-Listen.

Pour a beverage of choice, plug in your headphones, and enjoy this fantastic podcast on the state of writing and…
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Egypt’s Educational Gambit & What We Can Learn

Egypt’s education minister just spoke hear at UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week. It was stunning to hear what they are doing…
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Philosopher Martha Nussbaum On Liberal Arts Education

Ever since I read her book Not For Profit, I’ve been drawn to University of Chicago professor Martha Nussbaum’s take…
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19th Century Philosopher Nails “Personalized” Learning Cold

Anyone who has worked in a university or school knows that tingly feeling one gets when the business needs of…
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Stanley Fish Essentially Tells Teachers to Know Their Role

Few have a way with words like Stanley Fish.  The provocateur, whose early Milton scholarship is still dear to my…

Cafeteria Food & Race

Listen to this episode Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast series Revisionist History, where he looks at how two universities’ decisions to serve particular…