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Technophobic Hype: A History of Technology and the Future of Work

From Socrates to the Internet, history is filled with freak-outs about the way new technologies will destroy humanity. And then…
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Walt Whitman on Language “Arising Out of the Work”

Timely insights on the relationship between language, the populous, and our institutions. Language, be it remember’d, is not an abstract…
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Socrates on Democracy and Education

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer in the usefulness of philosophy and theory. It’s not…
Computer Science Education

Everyone Should Know How Computers Work. These Videos Can Help.

Whether you work in schools or dabble in digital research methods, you will instantly become a more critical user of…

In the Wake of Yesterday’s School Shooting, Look Up “Kakistocracy”

When children don’t succeed in school, kakistocrats blame the teacher. When children don’t survive in school (like yesterday’s shooting in…

WATCH: My New LinkedIn Video Asks, “What Constitutes Learning?”

We must ask very different questions in education if we are going to expect different outcomes. I’m convinced that it…

If You’ve Never Seen UNESCO’s Education Plan, You Really Should

UNESCO’s goal for education by 2030 might be summed up as, “Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning…
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Words Count in States of the Union

Data nerds over at the Washington Post must have enjoyed this assignment. I would have. Already thinking about how to…
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1984 Quotes That Are Way Too Timely

Should you need a reminder why we teach literature, I give you these lines from Orwell’s novel. Via Book Riot

When “Slavery” Meets the Standard

This was the homework question: “Give 3 ‘good’ reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons. Make notes and then put…

You Can’t Follow the Money if You Can’t See the Books

Raise your hand if you have no idea 1) how much your local schools are funded by the state, 2)…

How to Gerrrymander School Districts: A Primer

School districts are not natural phenomena; they are political constructs. We don’t often use the term “gerrymandering” to refer to…
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Not Sure What to Think About this Philosopher’s Rubric

The word rubric was originally used to refer to the annotations medieval church officials made in liturgy books in order…
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Can’t Bot Me Love. Or Learning.

Data-loving education reformers, take note. The London Underground pulled this advertisement in which eHarmony claimed its algorithms helped people find…

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Are Private Schools Immoral?

This powerful interview by The Atlantic is well worth a read for anyone concerned about issues of race and public…

Inequities of Internet Access in the US in a GIF

Pew Research shared a fantastic interactive data visualization showing how internet access in the US breaks down by demographics.  I…