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Studying in School Near Farms

In this photo from 1938, children of color study in school in rural Missouri.  Via NYPL Digital Collections.

Learning How to Make and Repair Shoes

Children of color learn to repair shoes in Howard Orphanage and Industrial School in the 1910s. Via NYPL Digital Collections.
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Not a Lightbulb: Uncovering Thomas Edison’s Greatest Lesson on Education [via Medium]

If he could invent the lightbulb, surely he could reinvent education. In 1911, Thomas Edison set his sights on schools.…

A Lesson on Philanthropy & Politics

I. THE PACT Late one night in December, 2009, a black Chevy Tahoe in a caravan of cops and residents…
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Dewey’s “My Pedagogic Creed”

ARTICLE ONE. WHAT EDUCATION IS I believe that all education proceeds by the participation of the individual in the social…

Judge Sentences Teacher

Listen to the judge’s logic in this clip: it’s clear how he’s struggling to make sense of education reform, who…

JFK on Education

At Vanderbilt University, May 18, 1963, John F. Kennedy shares the three obligations of the educated citizen.

Baldwin on Education

James Baldwin notes that in order to talk about education, we have to talk about the society in which it…
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Medieval Roots of Student Loans | The Conversation

This system might sound like a pawn shop crossed with a secondhand book store. But the use of collateral meant…

…And Progressive Education for All? | The Nation

Progressive education cannot just be for the white, rich, and powerful. Bringing this education to the most vulnerable would require…

NYC Schools: “Opt-IN” |The New York Times

On Monday, Betty A. Rosa, the newly elected chancellor of the Board of Regents and the state’s highest education official,…

How Early the Science Gap Start | American Radio Works

Researchers have long been concerned about achievement gaps in math and reading, but there’s been less attention paid to children’s…
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Arrival of the Black Mirror (2004)

When the iPad came out, there was much skepticism about its appeal to schools.  Even in the wake of poor…

Equity Efforts in NYC Turn to Leadership | Chalkbeat

The relatively rare public criticism of the education department by employees reflects the frustration felt by some educators — and…
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Clipping Paper Has Always Been a Thing (1897)

Wind a piece of metal and, whala.  It’s functional.
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Pencils Are Old, So Is the Need to Sharpen Them (1886)

It makes sense that pencil sharpeners are over a century old.  It’s just not something one thinks about.