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Walt Whitman on Language “Arising Out of the Work”

Timely insights on the relationship between language, the populous, and our institutions. Language, be it remember’d, is not an abstract…
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Love this Book about Books

I saw this list over at Book Riot about their top books about books. It immediately brought to mind my…
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Read Macbeth Like a Computer

For fun, check out this Wolfram Alpha page that breaks down Macbeth in all sorts of computationally fun ways. What…
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Bots in British Lit Class: Watch How a High School Teacher in Georgia Does It

Last year, I posted about a series of projects for integrating computer science into the English classroom. (A group of…
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Shel Silverstein’s “simple secret of lasting love”

Love ain’t no missing piece to be found. I adored reading this book to my son when he was younger.…
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“I know a lot of talented ruins,” says James Baldwin

How many times have you heard children–and adults–refer to themselves as “not a math person” or “not a reader”? Children in…
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Black Thought and the Value of Literature

When Black Thought performed his epic freestyle on Hot 97, the video hit 1M+ views within a day. I myself…

You KNOW Learning Happens Here

What life and energy Bronx middle school ELA teacher Laura Weiss brings to her craft–including the front of her room.…
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The Harry Potter Spreadsheet (Sure Looks Like Computational Thinking To Me)

Truly, we must do more to understand computer science as embedded in all disciplines. Look at this planning document from…
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Literature as “the operating instructions,” in Memory of Ursula K. Le Guin

Le Guin’s essays are some of the loveliest prose I’ve read recently, her style outmatched only by her astuteness for…
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Let’s Not Confuse Annotations and Marginalia

Observing a middle school English class recently, I was struck by how mechanical annotating one’s reading had become. I do…
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1984 Quotes That Are Way Too Timely

Should you need a reminder why we teach literature, I give you these lines from Orwell’s novel. Via Book Riot
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Italo Calvino Foresees the Challenge of Using Computers to Analyze Literature

I have been making the case that computer science belongs in English classrooms–in this keynote, this book, and this online…
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To the ELA Nerds in the Bronx I Met with Yesterday

I had the pleasure of sitting in on an ELA team meeting in a middle school in the Bronx the…
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The Science of Shakespeare

What an intriguing reflection on how developments in science influenced Shakespeare’s plays. (Not using robots to perform Macbeth, but still!)
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Where Books Take Us

An apropos metaphor regarding the relationship between reading and achievement. via @bookishbronte on Instagram   Happy #socksunday everybody how are…