Why to Stop What You Are Doing And Watch this Education Film (in French, but still…it has subtitles)

If you have never seen this gorgeous documentary about an elementary school teacher in a little school in rural France,…

In the Wake of Yesterday’s School Shooting, Look Up “Kakistocracy”

When children don’t succeed in school, kakistocrats blame the teacher. When children don’t survive in school (like yesterday’s shooting in…
Arts + Letters

Shel Silverstein’s “simple secret of lasting love”

Love ain’t no missing piece to be found. I adored reading this book to my son when he was younger.…

WATCH: My New LinkedIn Video Asks, “What Constitutes Learning?”

We must ask very different questions in education if we are going to expect different outcomes. I’m convinced that it…

When “Slavery” Meets the Standard

This was the homework question: “Give 3 ‘good’ reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons. Make notes and then put…

Do You Care to Explore Authentic Writing Instruction?

I love this blog called Writers Who Care. It’s a fantastic resource for teachers and parents on what solid writing…

How Did That Race to the Top End?

Race to the Top is the Obama Administration’s education reform initiative.  It overlapped with former President Bush’s No Child Left…

Revisiting How NCLB Was Framed

No Child Left Behind was the signature education initiative of George W. Bush’s presidential administration.  It was followed by the…

Louis CK on Standardized Tests, Burning Schools Down

So not funny that it’s funny.  The Manhattan father of public school children and comedian delivers his criticism of high…
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Love the Teenager in Your Life? Know Their Brain.

When working with secondary education teachers, I often find myself reminding them that while teaching teenagers can be challenging on…

Neil deGrasse Tyson on How to Nurture Scientific Literacy. Curious?

Neil deGrasse Tyson often has something interesting to say about whatever question it is that is posed to him.  In…


Whenever we talk about technology in education, there seems to be an air of mystique and inevitability that emerges.  I…

Maurice Sendak’s Thoughts on Childhood Might Make You a Better Teacher and Parent

The author of Where the Wild Things Are talks about childhood–it’s real, raw, and truer than I’ve ever admitted.  As…
Charter Schools

Charter School Critique Goes Viral

John Oliver holds no punches in this recent criticism.  The video quickly went viral, with ed reform critics sharing it…

Hating School, Loving Education

Check out this powerful poem that pinpoints the all-too-common tension between schooling and learning.  Spoken word poetry at its best.

White Students Get Experienced Teachers, While Black Students Get Police In School [via HuffPo]

“I don’t think there’s any way you could look at this data and not come away with a tremendous sense…