Arrival of the Black Mirror (2004)

When the iPad came out, there was much skepticism about its appeal to schools.  Even in the wake of poor…

A Place to Put Stuff (1928)

Public education means lots of children who have stuff that needs to be put somewhere so they can focus on…

Clipping Paper Has Always Been a Thing (1897)

Wind a piece of metal and, whala.  It’s functional.

Pencils Are Old, So Is the Need to Sharpen Them (1886)

It makes sense that pencil sharpeners are over a century old.  It’s just not something one thinks about.

Correct-o-mundo (1973)

Versions of these products existed for many decades, but here’s a patent from the 70’s.

Lookout Overhead (1950)

An oldy but a goody.  The overhead.  Classic.

The Quiz Machine, Really (1945)

Not sure what to say about this one.  There are multiple pages to the original patent.  We share just the…

A or B or C (1944)

One of the earlier patents that use the term “multiple choice.” Pop the champagne, or find some tissues.

Hole-y Paper (1928)

Way before Trapper Keepers existed, holes in paper were all the rage.

Old School Desks (1888)

We’re pretty sure these desks predate gum, so they were probably much cleaner underneath.

Pointy Chalk (1895)

Before there were pencil sharpeners, there were, logically, chalk sharpeners.

Heating Up Classrooms (1875)

In the 19th century, those cold schooldays needed something. Like this.

Early Erasers (1874)

They were more like squiggys than the erasers we know today.