Arts + Letters

The President Reminds Us Why We Teach Poetry

It was 1963 and Robert Frost had died. President Kennedy offered a glorious eulogy for Frost, but it was also…
Higher Education

Egypt’s Educational Gambit & What We Can Learn

Egypt’s education minister just spoke hear at UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week. It was stunning to hear what they are doing…

In the Wake of Yesterday’s School Shooting, Look Up “Kakistocracy”

When children don’t succeed in school, kakistocrats blame the teacher. When children don’t survive in school (like yesterday’s shooting in…

If You’ve Never Seen UNESCO’s Education Plan, You Really Should

UNESCO’s goal for education by 2030 might be summed up as, “Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning…
History + Politics

Words Count in States of the Union

Data nerds over at the Washington Post must have enjoyed this assignment. I would have. Already thinking about how to…

This One Question Changes Your Whole Education Paradigm

I invite you to try something with your colleagues in schools, districts, universities, and educational organizations. Ask them one question…
Arts + Letters

1984 Quotes That Are Way Too Timely

Should you need a reminder why we teach literature, I give you these lines from Orwell’s novel. Via Book Riot

When “Slavery” Meets the Standard

This was the homework question: “Give 3 ‘good’ reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons. Make notes and then put…

You Can’t Follow the Money if You Can’t See the Books

Raise your hand if you have no idea 1) how much your local schools are funded by the state, 2)…

How to Gerrrymander School Districts: A Primer

School districts are not natural phenomena; they are political constructs. We don’t often use the term “gerrymandering” to refer to…
History + Politics

President Trump on Education

Education is often an issue that politicians have strong feelings about.  In recent decades, education has been framed as in a…

How Did That Race to the Top End?

Race to the Top is the Obama Administration’s education reform initiative.  It overlapped with former President Bush’s No Child Left…

Revisiting How NCLB Was Framed

No Child Left Behind was the signature education initiative of George W. Bush’s presidential administration.  It was followed by the…
Charter Schools

Nikole Hannah-Jones on How Schools Are Re-Segregating

It’s not enough to adopt new standards, to open new school models, to use technology, or even to pass laws.  American…

Louis CK on Standardized Tests, Burning Schools Down

So not funny that it’s funny.  The Manhattan father of public school children and comedian delivers his criticism of high…

So, About those International Test Comparisons

For sure, you have heard that the U.S. is way behind other industrialized nations based on international tests in literacy…