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Reading Books in Their Settings

I love this list from the New York Public Library about reading books set in New York City in New…

Listen to Dewey’s Democracy and Education–for Free

It’s an iconic work in the philosophy of education, but have you read it?  No? That’s OK, now you can…
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The Boy Who Lived in a Library

StoryCorp’s video memoir of Ronald Clark, who grew up living in the Washington Height’s public library, will make you yearn…
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Shel Silverstein’s “simple secret of lasting love”

Love ain’t no missing piece to be found. I adored reading this book to my son when he was younger.…

You KNOW Learning Happens Here

What life and energy Bronx middle school ELA teacher Laura Weiss brings to her craft–including the front of her room.…
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Literature as “the operating instructions,” in Memory of Ursula K. Le Guin

Le Guin’s essays are some of the loveliest prose I’ve read recently, her style outmatched only by her astuteness for…
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Let’s Not Confuse Annotations and Marginalia

Observing a middle school English class recently, I was struck by how mechanical annotating one’s reading had become. I do…
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1984 Quotes That Are Way Too Timely

Should you need a reminder why we teach literature, I give you these lines from Orwell’s novel. Via Book Riot
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Where Books Take Us

An apropos metaphor regarding the relationship between reading and achievement. via @bookishbronte on Instagram   Happy #socksunday everybody how are…
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Essay These Essays

For those who share my love of #essays as a #genre, check out Literary Hub’s recent list of the best…

How Webster’s Spelling Book Sought to Unify a Nation

Webster’s famous spelling book (and later, his dictionary) was not what you probably think.  Noah Webster created such texts for use…