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No Computer Computer Science

Integrating computer science into schools doesn’t necessitate digital devices or computers. Well, eventually, yes. But not to start. See what…
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Read Macbeth Like a Computer

For fun, check out this Wolfram Alpha page that breaks down Macbeth in all sorts of computationally fun ways. What…
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Try Not to Stare at this Typewriter with Voice Recognition. Just Try.

I love this voice-activated typewriter, not because it is practical or will make one’s writing life easier. But rather because…
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Bots in British Lit Class: Watch How a High School Teacher in Georgia Does It

Last year, I posted about a series of projects for integrating computer science into the English classroom. (A group of…

WATCH: I Share Why Ed Tech Breaks Your Heart & How to Avoid It

I’ve advised hundreds of educators and school leaders on educational technology. Here’s why ed tech usually breaks our hearts and…
Computer Science Education

Everyone Should Know How Computers Work. These Videos Can Help.

Whether you work in schools or dabble in digital research methods, you will instantly become a more critical user of…
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Umberto Eco: Internet As “Formidable Complement” to Books

In this posthumous collection of essays, entitled Chronicles of a Liquid Society Umberto Eco offers his timeless perspective on matters…
Computer Science Education

If Coding is Writing, What’s Feedback Look Like?

The idea the coding should actually be considered a form of writing is something educators must seriously consider. (See this…
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Words Count in States of the Union

Data nerds over at the Washington Post must have enjoyed this assignment. I would have. Already thinking about how to…
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The Harry Potter Spreadsheet (Sure Looks Like Computational Thinking To Me)

Truly, we must do more to understand computer science as embedded in all disciplines. Look at this planning document from…

A Grand Sleight of Hand: The Illusion of the “Digital”

You know how a flip book creates the illusion of motion? That’s kind of what the entire Digital Age is…
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Italo Calvino Foresees the Challenge of Using Computers to Analyze Literature

I have been making the case that computer science belongs in English classrooms–in this keynote, this book, and this online…
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The Science of Shakespeare

What an intriguing reflection on how developments in science influenced Shakespeare’s plays. (Not using robots to perform Macbeth, but still!)
History + Politics

Can’t Bot Me Love. Or Learning.

Data-loving education reformers, take note. The London Underground pulled this advertisement in which eHarmony claimed its algorithms helped people find…

Posthumanism for the Holidays

This is by far one of the more intriguing, timely, and applicable digital research method books I have read in…

Alexa, Can You Make Me a Better Teacher?

Using technology to improve teaching is nothing new. But the success of artificially intelligent voice-activated devices like the Amazon Echo and…