Why to Stop What You Are Doing And Watch this Education Film (in French, but still…it has subtitles)

If you have never seen this gorgeous documentary about an elementary school teacher in a little school in rural France,…
Arts + Letters

“I know a lot of talented ruins,” says James Baldwin

How many times have you heard children–and adults–refer to themselves as “not a math person” or “not a reader”? Children in…

WATCH: My New LinkedIn Video Asks, “What Constitutes Learning?”

We must ask very different questions in education if we are going to expect different outcomes. I’m convinced that it…
Charter Schools

Are Cubicles the New Classroom? Maybe.

There is a lot of talk about the value of personalized and blended learning.  But what does it really mean?…
Private Sector

Sal Khan on How Video Can Transform Education

I do a lot of work at the intersection of technology and education.  In fact, one could argue that all…

Harry Potter’s Battle for Real-World Learning

You know Harry Potter.  But did you know the young wizard was a champion of constructivist pedagogy?  Based on this…

To Teach or Not To Teach like a Dead Poet?

I love this clip from Dead Poets Society for many reasons.  First, it cuts the the essence of pedagogy: does…
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Love the Teenager in Your Life? Know Their Brain.

When working with secondary education teachers, I often find myself reminding them that while teaching teenagers can be challenging on…

Teach Students to Steal–Just Like Great Writers

The brilliant John Cleese imparts his advice to young writers: steal if you have to!  In this clip from Big…
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“You gonna leave that idea stuck in your head forever? That sucks,” says Lin-Manuel Miranda to BX students

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, share his insights about creativity and writing with students at a Bronx high school.  The…

Want to Teach Strong Writers? Start with their strengths.

I tend to roll my eyes when I see extraordinary stories of teachers reaching students.  Not because I have anything…
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Aesthetic Learning through a Child’s Painting

The International Museum of Children’s Art has a fantastic archive of powerful pieces by young people.  This painting of a…

“Leave Them Kids Alone”

Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” from 1982 puts a short film to the anti-school anthem.  It…

Hating School, Loving Education

Check out this powerful poem that pinpoints the all-too-common tension between schooling and learning.  Spoken word poetry at its best.

Famous Writers’ Report Cards

A glimpse at famous authors’ report cards might raise new questions about what college and career readiness means.  What an…

Wynton Marsalis on Education

The great trumpeter talks beautifully about the problem of competition in education, the value of historical understanding, and why music…