Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders talk Brooklyn, Equity, and Education

Say what you want about film, politics, or Brooklyn, it’s refreshing to hear two famous people sitting down to talk…
Arts + Letters

Pharrell Takes Authentic Assessment to a Different Level

There’s something so pure about artistic forms of assessment.  When I was teaching, I was a fan of the book…

What is the Purpose of Education? Noam Chomsky has Something to Say About That

It is one of the most important questions we can ask: What is the purpose of public education?  Education is…

Goofy Teacher

This 1952 cartoon shows Goofy playing teacher.  On the one hand, it’s a children’s cartoon and shouldn’t be taken offensively…
History + Politics

Emergency Teacher Warning of the 1940s

It’s hard to believe that a video like this was conceived, commissioned, produced, and watched.  But it was.  It’s also…

Still ‘They School’?

Dead Prez’s anti-education anthem still resonates with many students, especially marginalized students who don’t experience in school reflections of their…
History + Politics

Teach Like a Champion, 1950s Version

The term “classroom management” irks many educators.  The two-word phrase ignores the heart and soul of teaching: it’s not about…

NYC Students Tackle Gender…with Caitlyn Jenner

Brooklyn high school students have unique opportunity to confront Caitlyn Jenner about the challenges youth face understanding gender, in their…
Pop Culture

Teaching as Magical

Dr. Chris Emdin explores what teachers can learn from trips to church and hip-hop performances.  Emdin takes his talk to…

“Leave Them Kids Alone”

Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” from 1982 puts a short film to the anti-school anthem.  It…

Hating School, Loving Education

Check out this powerful poem that pinpoints the all-too-common tension between schooling and learning.  Spoken word poetry at its best.
Health + Nutrition

Teaching Kids About Food to Save Their Lives with Jamie Oliver

Nutrition is something schools have mostly addressed with a requisite health class.  Chef Jamie Oliver says that we have to…

A Different Way to Think about the English-es We Speak with Jamila Lyiscott

We all speak different ways in different contexts.  When students do it, adults sometimes tell them to speak “properly.”  Jamila…

Voice, Identity, and Relevance in Learning with Ernest Morrell

Ernest Morrell delivers a thorough and powerful address on the importance of taking student voice, identity, and relevance in schools.…

Diversity in Education with Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Few people speak as powerfully about issues of equity, race, and culture in education has Dr. Sealey-Ruiz.  She weaves research…

David Berliner on Where Teacher Evaluation Goes Wrong

No one makes so compelling and cogent a case for how policymakers have gone so far adrift in trying to introduce…