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Fibonacci Sequence Poetry? Yes, Please!

I’ll say it again: we must do more to blur the lines between the worlds of numbers and letters. This…
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Teach Writing? This Podcast is a Must-Listen.

Pour a beverage of choice, plug in your headphones, and enjoy this fantastic podcast on the state of writing and…
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The President Reminds Us Why We Teach Poetry

It was 1963 and Robert Frost had died. President Kennedy offered a glorious eulogy for Frost, but it was also…
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Walt Whitman on Language “Arising Out of the Work”

Timely insights on the relationship between language, the populous, and our institutions. Language, be it remember’d, is not an abstract…
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Black Thought and the Value of Literature

When Black Thought performed his epic freestyle on Hot 97, the video hit 1M+ views within a day. I myself…
Computer Science Education

If Coding is Writing, What’s Feedback Look Like?

The idea the coding should actually be considered a form of writing is something educators must seriously consider. (See this…

You KNOW Learning Happens Here

What life and energy Bronx middle school ELA teacher Laura Weiss brings to her craft–including the front of her room.…

The Simplest Explanation for How to Integrate Reading and Writing You are Likely Going to Hear Today

Take 6 minutes and watch how I explain to teachers a planning strategy for integrating reading and writing. It’s not…
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Tom On: Teaching Writing

Just because one can write does not mean one can simply teach writing. It was during my third year teaching…
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Italo Calvino Foresees the Challenge of Using Computers to Analyze Literature

I have been making the case that computer science belongs in English classrooms–in this keynote, this book, and this online…
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Not Sure What to Think About this Philosopher’s Rubric

The word rubric was originally used to refer to the annotations medieval church officials made in liturgy books in order…
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Teaching Poetry in the Instagram Era

You’ve likely seen poet Rupi Kaur’s bestseller Milk & Honey on the shelf. What it means for teaching poetry to…

Do You Care to Explore Authentic Writing Instruction?

I love this blog called Writers Who Care. It’s a fantastic resource for teachers and parents on what solid writing…

Wait, Writing and RACE?

I’ve seen several middle schools using the RACE method to scaffold students’ writing. It has nothing to do with the…
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Essay or Assay: Merriam-Webster “Tries” to Explain the Difference

The essay is by far my favorite genre, to read and to write. A far cry from what it looks…
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Semi-colon Drama

Some have a love-hate relationship with semi-colons; mine is all love.