CS4ELA is a nationwide initiative to bring together English educators who are interested in ways to embed computer science into the Language arts. Let me tell you a little about this work.

Ready to Get Started?

Here are some of the more useful links for getting started:

  • Explore mixed literary analyses, which are full on unit plans for teaching computational thinking in English class through Shakespeare
  • Read about the BardBots project, which is where students get a Shakespearean introduction to robotics–and it has a 20+ project guide that’s all yours for free
  • Join the CS4ELA Facebook Group, where you can connect with other educators and stay abreast of ongoing developments
  • Sign up for the Gradgrind’s newsletter, where I share weekly updates on all things education, technology, and humanities
  • Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn–all @tomliamlynch–so we can be in touch

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