Computer Science Education

Ever Wonder What Bias Looks Like in Machine Learning?

The term “machine learning” is becoming increasingly popular, but what is less often discussed is that machines don’t learn per…

What Companies Do With Kids’ Data

A thoughtful, provocative, and well-informed essay about the commodification of data in education, courtesy of Audrey Watters. It happened to…
History + Politics

Exciting New Book on Big Data in Education

Very excited for my friend and colleague Dr. Ben Williamson. There is no one I can imagine better positioned to…
Arts + Letters

Data, Transparency, and How Learning is Deposited

In his novel The Circle, Dave Eggers tells the story of a not-so-future world where technology companies increasingly blend into…

Diversity by the Numbers?

The school, in a gentrified Fort Greene, has seen its racial diversity all but disappear from the younger grades. Out of current…

Student Data Tensions in New York State

Things came to a head in New York State in 2014 as state education officials tried to require districts to…