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Fibonacci Sequence Poetry? Yes, Please!

I’ll say it again: we must do more to blur the lines between the worlds of numbers and letters. This…
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Science and Poetry, Both are Celebrations

Science and poetry are two sides of the same universal coin. (And here’s another, more etymological take, on the matter.)…
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Why Poetry and STEM are Not So Far Apart

Etymology is often my go-to inspiration source for looking at things differently.  Big ups to Merriam-Webster for this etymological gem…
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“High School Training Ground,” by Malcolm London

Check out this Chicago poet’s powerful commentary on the reality of high school, a training ground for the injustices all…
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Poet Malachi Byrd on “Intelligence”

The young poet laces together elements of school, identity, success, and art all in under four minutes.  The poem stands…
History + Politics

Poet Drops Mic on School System

In this video, poet Prince Ea performs a lyrical indictment of the school system.  He makes some powerful points, to…

Hating School, Loving Education

Check out this powerful poem that pinpoints the all-too-common tension between schooling and learning.  Spoken word poetry at its best.