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The President Reminds Us Why We Teach Poetry

It was 1963 and Robert Frost had died. President Kennedy offered a glorious eulogy for Frost, but it was also…
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President Trump on Education

Education is often an issue that politicians have strong feelings about.  In recent decades, education has been framed as in a…

How Did That Race to the Top End?

Race to the Top is the Obama Administration’s education reform initiative.  It overlapped with former President Bush’s No Child Left…

Revisiting How NCLB Was Framed

No Child Left Behind was the signature education initiative of George W. Bush’s presidential administration.  It was followed by the…
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Ben Franklin Wanted a Useful and Ornamental Education for the Young

A quarter century before the thirteen colonies declared their independence, Ben Franklin printed a pamphlet (1749) in which he proposed…
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Good Education Inspires the Soul, says John Adams

Ten years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams penned a diary entry in which he briefly…
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How Hamilton Nudged Washington on Education in 1796

As he composed his farewell address, President George Washington enlisted feedback from one Alexander Hamilton (before his Broadway fame, obviously).…
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Let Sam Seaborn Remind Us All What Education is Worth

I once remarked to a friend that we might do well to require students to watch the entirety of West…

FDR on Educational Inequity in 1938. Could’ve Been Written Today.

When you read and listen to enough presidential speeches about education, it becomes unsurprising that American presidents tend to frame…

Education, Jefferson’s Essential Protection Against Tyranny

In 1778, Thomas Jefferson wrote that education was essential to fight the slow fall of government into tyranny.  A powerful…

JFK on Education

At Vanderbilt University, May 18, 1963, John F. Kennedy shares the three obligations of the educated citizen.