Arts + Letters

Is Texting the Future or Downfall of Writing in Schools?

Leave it to a linguist like Columbia University’s John McWhorter to challenge popular fears that texting marks the end of language…
English Language Learning

An Opera Singer Shares His Secret to Learning Languages

So much of learning and teaching occurs through language. The more we understand the contours of languages–not just traditional languages…

To Think Differently, Try Speaking Differently

Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but words are worth a hundred billion neurons. In this excellent talk, cognitive…
Arts + Letters

Words like Water: How a Baby Learned to Speak

You take a techy who becomes a dad and has a fascination with language. Then add videocameras all throughout the…
Private Sector

Sal Khan on How Video Can Transform Education

I do a lot of work at the intersection of technology and education.  In fact, one could argue that all…
Health + Nutrition

You Are What You Eat (in School)

Nutrition is one of those issues that gets left out of conversations about education too often.  If we step back…