Women Scientists on the Rise in Children’s Drawings

What children choose to draw, how they perceive the relationship between gender and possibility, is a powerful measure of our…

Teacher Suspended for Giving Birth to Child! (In 1913, but Still.)

Education is one of the fields that looks today a lot like it did a century ago.  (Though, I will…
Gender + Sexuality

When Disney Made a Film About Menstruation

An estimated 105 million students watched this 1946 film about menstruation.  There’s so much one could say about this, but…
Gender + Sexuality

Don’t Be Unseemly, Ladies. Men, Court Away.

I had heard before about unbelievable rules for teachers back in the day.  But I hadn’t seen them till now. (There’s…

Good Citizenship: The Purpose of Education by Eleanor Roosevelt

What is the purpose of education? This question agitates scholars, teachers, statesmen, every group, in fact, of thoughtful men and…

Malala Address to the UN

Malala Yousafzai | July 12, 2013 Honourable UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, respected president of the General Assembly Vuk…