I created Gradgrind’s in 2016 to provide a single space where I could share education in all its variety and nuance.  While individual bloggers and some news agencies do valuable work commenting on education for the public, I  felt that too much gets lost in such conversations–too many potential interested readers left out.  I aim to present education with greater roundness, blending the past with the present, research with practice, policy with daily lives, and the specific with the eclectic.  Education has a story.  Let’s tell it.

So, who is Gradgrind?  Gradgrind’s is named after Mr. Gradgrind from Charles Dickens’ novel Hard Times.  Well-known today for his emphasis on the need for “fact, fact, fact” in education, by the end of the book Mr. Gradgrind learns that overemphasis on the observable, the factual, and the quantifiable has left his own children shadows of themselves.  In many ways, his character embodies that age-old tension between the institution and the individual, the political and the personal.

The site is free to readers, though it might include advertisements and affiliate links down the road, which would provide a small commission when products are purchased through Gradgrind’s.  Ideally, it covers backend costs over the course of the year.  Readers’ private data is really important to me.  To learn more about privacy, read here

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